Es El Sonido Que Dicta La Ley

Of Guadeloupe origin by my mother, I like Afro-Caribbean music, kompas, zouk and of course Salsa Music... 

Collector of vinyl 33t - 45t - Cds are part of my Dj life. 

A question, how to live and share my passion with others. 

SAL'SOUNDS 70'S was born in 2008 with Ben-J alias Benjamin. We had to develop a concept, an ideology, a sensitivity, a positive energy so that the passion for Salsa could be shared with the dancers, with a simple rule of being in communion with the dance floor. Meetings, opportunities, collaborations with DJs, dancers, organizers, I built myself. 

All these wonderful people passed on this need to play to me. 

Without all these people who love Salsa music and who follow me in all my adventures, Without them Dj MULATO and SAL'SOUNDS 70's would not be.




Since 2008


Hello, hola, Hallo, 你好, ciao, привет,
안녕하세요, szia, Hallå...

*** Dates de SAL'SOUNDS 70'S in Paris STICTLY VINYL ***

*** Tous les 4ème vendredi de chaque mois durant toute l'année 2022 / 2023 ***

*** EVERY 4TH FRIDAY OF THE MONTH 2021 / 2022 ***

SENSATION DANCE SCHOOL, 105 rue de Tolbiac PARIS 75013, dalle des olympiades, MÉTRO OLYMPIADES

Joint the family

DJ MULATO See you soon.